Figure out the composition and distribution of microbes within your DNA samples with a better resolution at a reasonable price using our NGS-based microbiome analysis service.

Send Us Your DNA Samples!

Send us DNA samples for sequencing. Please check the QC criteria below before sending.

Quality: >= 1.7 of A260/280 ratio

Amount: >= 1 ug

If you need to extract Microbial DNA or have lower amount of DNA than 1ug, contact us via Email.

Target rRNA Regions

Bacteria/Archaea: 16S V4, 16S V3-4
Eukarya: 18S V3-4, 18S V9
Fungi: ITS2

Library Preparation

The hyper-variable rRNA regions of your interest would be amplified by a polymerase chain reaction using a Taq polymerase with proofreading activity. During the PCR assay, the adaptor and the index sequences match and attach to the target rRNA sequences. The amplicons are subjected to a TapeStation run for quality checking and quantified by using Qubit for equimolar pooling of the final DNA libraries.

Next Generation Sequencing

Your DNA libraries would be sequenced on an Illumina MiSeqDx instrument, which is an FDA-cleared in vitro diagnostic NGS system utilized to produce more accurate and reliable results for clinical use.

Data Analysis

Your NGS results would be analyzed by the most up-to-date pipelines including SILVA database, DADA2, and QIIME2. The result reports would include the pipeline information, sequnce QC information, taxonomic distribution, alpha diversity, rarefaction curves, principal coordinate analysis, and UPGMA trees.

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